Don't get caught out!

The Leash Mate attaches to the end of your dog lead. It holds 4-5 small plastic bags. When your dog does its business, simply pull a bag from the open end of your Leash Mate. No mess, no fuss, you will never be caught without a bag again!

What you do with it next... well, that's your business!

Watch the demo:

Hi, my name is Grace.


I am a year 7 at Kamo Intermediate School.


We have a dog and she poos in bad places. Mum never has a bag to pick up the poos, but we can't just leave them there for the next person to stand in. Yuck! So sometimes she uses a stick to flick them off the track, sometimes a big leaf... but never her hand!


While in Covid-19 lockdown I've been working on an enterprise project to solve Mum's problem.


It's called the Leash Mate. Now Mum will always have a bag handy for the job!

OUR POOCH, Molly Moo